Idaho Writers Conference

 June 10 - Crafting Effective Dialogue 
with Christian Winn

Dialogue does more than relay what characters say to each other. Skillfully written, dialogue reveals characters’ emotional depths and propels a story forward. Using published examples that exemplify strongly written dialogue, Idaho Writer in Residence Christian Winn shows what dialogue should—and should not—do, and how to accomplish it.

Christian Winn is a fiction writer, poet, journalist and teacher of writing who lives and works in Boise. He is the 2016-2019 Idaho Writer in Residence. His work has appeared in McSweeney'sPloughsharesThe Chicago Tribune's Printers Row JournalGulf CoastSanta Monica ReviewHayden's Ferry ReviewTriQuartely and elsewhere. He teaches creative writing at The Cabin, Boise State University, and with the Writers Write Workshop Series. Winn is also the producer of Storyfort and Modern Campfire Stories. His debut story collection, Naked Me, is recently out from Dock Street Press who will be publishing his second collection, What's Wrong With You Is What's Wrong With Me, in early 2017. 

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