The Writers' Corner

Workshops for beginner to intermediate writers

That’s Not the Way I See It: Leverage Point of View with Cristen Iris
Thursday, August 17        
7:00 pm at the Collister Library          

The 10 Commandments of Lean and Powerful Writing Tips Garnered from Screenwriting with Sherry Briscoe
Saturday, September 9              
12:00 pm at the Cole & Ustick Library            

World Building with Carol Kjar
Thursday, September 21            
7:00 pm at the Collister Library            

Pacing: Are you Going Nowhere Fast? with Cristen Iris
Thursday, October 19
7:00 pm at the Collister Library               
7 Steps to Highly Effective Short Story Writing with Sherry Briscoe
Saturday, November 11             
10:30 am at the Meridian at Cherry Lane Library   

What Do You Mean Spellcheck Isn’t Enough? Self-Editing Tips with Gretchen Mullins   
Thursday, November 16
7:00 pm at the Collister Library            
Researching the Novel with Rick Just
Thursday, December 21             
7:00 pm at the Collister Library   
Author Panel with Rick Just, Sherry Briscoe, Cristen Iris, Joanne Pence, Elaine Ambrose, and Donna Cook
Thursday, December 21            
8:00 pm at the Collister Library        

Workshops are approximately 1 hour

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