2018 Writing Contest

Entries must be received by March 5, 2018.

CATEGORIES:                               MAXIMUM LENGTH                 ENTRY FEE
1.  Short Story                                          3,500 words                        $35      $40
2. Novel 1st 10 Pages                                  10 pages                         $35      $40
3a. Non-Fiction-Memoir                          1st 10 Pages                       $35      $40
3b. Non-Fiction-Journalistic/Essays      2,500 words                       $35      $40

 Each category is judged by two or more industry professionals.
You will receive the judges' scorecards FREE with each entry!

EMAIL submission + entry form; to the Contest Director
Format pages with (category #, title, page #) in the header.

The judges’ comments will be emailed back to you after the awards ceremony.
     REGULAR MAIL entry with header information (category #, title, page #) and entry form; to the Contest Director c/o Idaho Writers Guild, PO Box 8862, Boise, ID 83707 
(Do not mail a hard copy if you email your entry. We do not need both.)
        Pay online via Eventbrite HERE.

     All entries must be ORIGINAL and NOT previously published
  Any genre is acceptable, all entries however should be adult or new adult fiction or non-fiction
      Entries must be received by March 5, 2018.
 All entries MUST:

            * Be in English, and author’s original work

            * Be double-spaced with 1” margins in 12 point Times New Roman or Courier New font

* All pages of the submission must have the category number, manuscript title, and page number listed in the upper right-hand corner (this can be a header outside the 1 inch margin)
       Your name must NOT appear on any page of the manuscript. Your name should only be located on your Entry Form

         Non-refundable fee for each entry
Failure to follow instructions will result in disqualification. Should your entry be disqualified, you will receive a letter stating the reason for disqualification and, time permitting, an opportunity to resubmit at no additional charge.
Contest scores must average at least a 65 to be eligible as a winner.
*Prizes will not be awarded if no scores meet the minimum requirement (score of 75 or above). Scores are an average of all judge’s scores.

Winners names, title and genre of works will be posted on our website.

2018 Writing Contest Entry FORM

2018 Writing Contest Entry FEE

*     *     *
Winners of the 2017 Idaho Writers Guild Writing Contest

First Place  Cassandra Farrin of Emmett, ID - HAI
Second Place – Leigh Robbins of Garden City, ID - THE FIRES OF HOLLOW EMBER

Third Place – Suzan Ahrens of Boise, ID - EVEN RAINBOW TROUT

First Place – Dan Costello of Boise, ID – CHICKEN COOP EPIPHANIES
Second Place – Chloe Moore of Caldwell, ID – THE DEPENDENTS
Third Place – Vicki Stevens of Meridian, ID – A CHILD WITH NO NAME

First Place – Carrie Stuart Parks of Cataldo, ID – SHARED SECRETS
First Place - Rex Adams of Melba, ID – MAD LIGHT
Second Place – Suzan Ahrens of Boise, ID – A GYPSY HEART
Third Place – Laurie Buchanan of Boise, ID – SOUTHERN COMFORT

First Place – Grove Koger of Boise, ID – THE DEATH OF A TORTOISE
Second Place – Ruth Simerly of Hagerman, ID – CANYON RIM “ANGELS”


  1. Are the 2 nonfiction categories being judged separately, with prizes being awarded in each one? (That would mean that there are 4 categories in all.)

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Replies
    1. The category numbers are 1, 2, 3a, or 3b as listed above.

  4. When you say original - does that mean unedited?

    1. Editing is always a good thing. It must be your work and unpublished.

  5. Does justification matter? And if there is a separation of a chapter 1 and 2 within the ten pages. Should chapter 2 start on a clean page? Does the chapter titles need to be there or is chapter 1, chapter 2, OK?

  6. Typically not justified, but I don't think you'd be penalized if it was. Clean page not needed, and just fine to put chapter 1, chapter 2. Best of luck!

  7. I have a 1500 word count personal narrative. It's a modified section of a memoir WIP. Would this be considered memoir or essay?

    1. If it's from a memoir, I'd stick with that category.

  8. Do you need to be a member to enter?

    1. No, that is why you will see member and non-member prices. Best of luck!

  9. Have the semi-finalists 2018 been sent their e-mails?

    1. I don't believe so, but soon. I've emailed the contest director and will let you know when I have a firm date.

    2. Semi-finalists have just been notified via email. Judges' feedback will be delivered to all entrants shortly after our conference (May 4-5). Let me know if I can be of any further help.

    3. I can't seem to find details on the contest. I know I viewed them somewhere. Can you please tell me how many honorable mentions there are and what the prizes are. I received an email this morning, but I'm not sure how many other entries I'm up against. Trying to decide if I can make the trip to Boise for the Awards on May 4.

    4. If you received a notice, you will get one of the following:
      1st Place is $100
      2nd Place is $50
      3rd Place is a certificate
      Honorable Mentions are certificates
      There's no set number on how many honorable mentions there are. Some categories had many, and some none. It's all based on the judges' scoring.